“A fresh splash of well-designed, beautifully illustrated information, in a field-friendly book.”
~ Carl Safina, founder, Blue Ocean Institute, author of "Song for the Blue Ocean."

“The book is quite comprehensive, and the illustrations are marvelous!”
~ Maia McGuire, PhD, AquaNotes, University of Florida

“Fortunately we have a small library of new books… few are as significant and news worthy as ‘A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes.'”
~ Coastal Angler Staff

“What an absolutely amazing book! One can tell a vast amount of time and dedication went into creating this guide. ‘A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes: from Maine to Texas’ is the one-stop shop for fish identification, history and biology.”
~ Gaff Magazine Staff

“Identifying the fish you catch isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there is a new field guide that can help anglers fishing in the United States. ‘A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes from Maine to Texas’ is a must for anyone fishing in Atlantic and Gulf coasts.”
~ Jason Schratwieser, IGFA, International Angler Magazine

“Every now and again, some new volume comes across my desk that makes me say, “Wow!” This book is destined to become a classic for coastal anglers.”
~ Angelo Peluso, Fisherman Magazine

“This book is a great reference that is accessible for a wide audience. I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in marine fishes of the western Atlantic and Gulf coasts.”
~ Caleb McMahan, Copiea, LSU Museum of Natural Science

“‘A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes – from Maine to Texas’ in a nutshell is the perfect companion to even the most seasoned kayak fisherman! The overall layout if extremely well organized, enabling the angler to parse through the various fish classifications quickly.”
~ Mark Wantanabe, YakAngler

“The book is a wonderful identification guide for nearshore and offshore fishes. I believe it will make an excellent addition to any tying library.”
~ Stuart Patterson, Florida Flyfishing Magazine

“‘The Field Guide to Coastal Fishes From Maine to Texas’ is a comprehensive, updated, compact field guide… While the book will serve as a great reference guide for scientists, educators, and students, it will also prove to be extremely valuable for naturalists, fishermen, divers, and aquarists.”
~ Brad Wiegman, bradwiegman.com

“A must have for those interested in the marine fishes of eastern North America. Val Kells’ artwork highlights this book!”
~ Ian Paulsen, Birdbooker Report

“‘A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes’ is a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked for any student of marine life.”
~ Midwest Book Review


A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes