" Destined to become the classic guide to fishes of the Pacific coast for generations to come. "

~ Milton Love, Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara

"A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes will become my 'go-to' reference book. This book is a 'must have' item for anyone who works with or has an interest in fish, fishing, and the marine environment. After seeing this book, I've discovered I need two copies: one for my office and one for my boat!"

~ Joe Malat, Joe Malat Communications

Tarpon - Megalops atlanticus

Comprehensive and compact, "Maine to Texas" is a 448-page guide with 1,079 full color illustrations and descriptions of over 1,006 marine and brackish water species. Its new companion, "Alaska to California," fills 374 pages with over 950 illustrations of almost 700 coastal species.

These are the first field guides of their kind to be entirely illustrated in full color. Illustrations are large and meticulously researched. Descriptions are concise, accurate, and provide information about features, habitat, and biology.

Scientists, fishermen, students, naturalists, divers, and fish enthusiasts alike will find these books essential, informative, and very easy to use.

Written by Fish lovers for fish lovers.

A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes